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Darren Moore did it. He went all post-human. Maybe he wanted to get immortal or did he just went insane? Actually wanting to be immortal and insanity go along quite well. Anyhow, the sound designer performed with a installation called cellF. Therefore he cultivated some of his stem cells - yes right - some of his own living material - skin cells that were rejuvenated and than cultivated. What they produced is a blob of cells that interact with each other in a network. Than they build a device that allows the Darren to interact with the cell blob and further that allows the cells to play a synth.

Some years ago I worked with the patch-clamp technique to stimulate baby mice brain cells and in that study as well as in this experiment the outcome was similar - pure unpredictable chaos. If you give a small electric impulse to any cell of a cell network the reaction can appear anywhere. The same impulse given just split seconds later will trigger different cells again. I would wonder what will happen if you ad a kind of reward system to the neural brain synth. It could work like this  every time the cell brain created something beautiful or harmonic dopamin gets released into the cell media, and when they play something disturbing a cyto toxic substance is released. I guess after a while we would have a pure musical intelligence. This thought my seem odd but from all I know about synthesizers, neurophysiology, tissue culture and  the craziness of nature - that could totally work out !!!!




LINK to the cellF website


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