Welcome to BAMBOOZLED - a webpage for electronic drone music and related art.  It is all too positive and bright out there, thus I like to keep it a little more black and white here.


Here are a pieces of sound - (staight-to-record production made with my latest set up).

I really like somef the sounds and will use them as starting point for future projects ...  

This are my own little sound constructs. Maybe still overexited but it is hard to calm oneself while under constand exitement ...

bamboozled - tensions around a kick.mp3
MP3 Audio File 7.7 MB
bamboozled - low tensions.mp3
MP3 Audio File 3.3 MB

Release - Tensions by Baboozled. Feel free to download - use - cut & process

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A truly pure drone experience.

Let me call this a vocal drone track. However, it does not include a lot of electronic sounds or noise but human voices ocillating around each other. A interesting approach.

Drones and music with little structure are a source of relaxation in an overexited world.

Synthezisers are my favorite exosomatic organs.