Get the most out of your Microbrute

The guys at hove some good DIY workshops, infos and gear e.g. Eurorack solutions for patchblocks.

L4t3st h0l1d4y @ th b34ch

For making glitch art just save a *.bmp file as txt file and open is with WordPad - edit and delete some text > save again, rename to bmp and open > en voila. A great tool that I also used for the picture is to be found here: 

How to create a analog style snare with a syntheziser:

-Use white noise

-Pitch to envelope

-Adjust the envelope and add square wave

-Adjust the equalizer and add extra distortion

How to make your cheap own modular synth box.

How to use the patchblocks with the beatstep pro or a modular synth.

This guy -caled "Delfy Creations" did not upload anything recently, however, he shows what can be done with drones and effects. Some good dub sirens jump to min  1:11

KiNK and how he works with the beatstep pro.

I love my MONO. Here is what you can do with it.